Friday, January 13, 2012

The Reason For Music

It's the weekend! Huzzah! ...Now what?

Lately, I've been running with headphones again. I know I can run without them, but they've helped me discover something delightful: I tend to run faster with music. It's because of the beat. Trying to keep to the beat of the upbeat song, I start going faster. It can be exciting.
Music with running is a good thing for another reason, and that is distraction.

That's the reason I listen to music usually. I like having it for a distraction, like in the car or walking to class. It's for that same reason why I can't listen to music with words while reading. If music is playing, I think about the words in the songs, not on the page.

I wish I could be more passionate about music, but that's not the case. Once, I saw a guy at a concert who was simply listening. No dancing, no chatting to a neighbor. Just listening. I think that's a little cool.

For now, I'll stick with the running music.

What do you listen to music for?


  1. Heya! I'm so glad you got my package! Sorry the Godiva coupons were expired...I need to read things sometimes. XD

    Music gives me some go-go juice. Though my choice of workout music is more likely to be symphonic metal or German musical theatre. Hehe, I like Top 40 music well enough, but I wouldn't listen to it on my own.

  2. I listen to music during my commute, but the numero uno reason for it in my life is definitely so that I can keep a consistent pace when I'm running and push myself to stick with it when I'm getting tired!

  3. I get SO bored if I run without music. I've done two half-marathons without my iPod and it was torturous. It keeps me distracted from the pain!