Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Starting Goals to Next Month Goals

To me, the last week of January has seemed to take forever to get here. Ever since the 20th, the days have been dragging on to me. Now we're finally to the last day, and I'm pretty excited! New month, new start. Sure, everyday should be a new start, but it just seems more official at the beginning of a month. Truth be told, I've started to work on some of my goals already.
What about my other goals you ask? Well of course I've been thinking about them! I've noticed that I've been making a lot of them... so I'll talk about that. First of all, let's start with my overall college goals or what I like to call them: The List.

1. Get a Degree.Just seven and a half more terms to go! Ha. I think I'm on the right track though. I've pretty much figured out what my schedule is going to be for the rest of my college days, which means my Senior year is going to be crammed full of journalism. We'll see how that goes.

2. Not Gain the Dreaded Freshman Fifteen.
The more I've read about college weight gain, the more I've seen about Sophomore year being the year of the gains. Okay, maybe I'm making that up. The point is, weight gain is a big thing that can happen any year. Luckily for me, that hasn't happened. During vacation it creeped up a bit, and shot back down. Eh, that's kind of what happens when you get back to eating smart.

3. Study Abroad.
We all know how that's working out. I just want the person in charge to send me the financial info...

4. Stay Out of Debt.
The amount I've spent this school year... Yikes. Unfortunately, a lot of the things I've spent money on are necessary. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that aren't necessary and I can work on cutting them out. (Funny thing is, I calculated my spending without groceries/books and got a figure very similar to last year's spending.)

5. Get Good Grades
The funny thing is, I was looking at the last time I talked about this and was nervous how my grades would be affected in the upcoming year. My grades slipped a touch from As to A-s last term, but I think my grades have stayed alright. Still need to strive towards the good one though!

6. Make Friends.
I've been getting to know people. I've been getting involved. Friends? I don't know if I can officially say that yet. It's a process.We'll see how it works out.

7. Blog Every Day.
I said that this would change, and it did. I don't blog every day, but I do most days. However, if a blog isn't in the cards for the day, so be it. I'm not going to stress out about it. I think the goal now is to try blogging better. A year into it, and I'm still rough.

I think my goals are doing okay for now. Now, my December/January Goals: Spend less time on the computer and Don't spend money on gum/soda. For the first goal... Hm. Not so good. I have got to seriously back away, but it's even harder this term when so many of my assignments are online! The second one I managed to do pretty well with. No spending during Dec. because it wasn't necessary, but two little slips during January. One soda, one water bottle because I couldn't find mine. What a dumb excuse.

As for my New Year's goals, I'm doing alright. Room for improvement, but we'll work on that.
Here are my February goals:

You probably can't read them, but they are 1.Only eat out once 2.Use up my punch card for the REC center 3.Only 2 hours on the computer a day that isn't homework 4. See January goal.
The fifth one isn't on there, but it's to take Calcium and Vitamin D daily. I'm really low on both of them, so it would be good to get used to taking them.

I'd talk about them more, but I've already rambled for quite awhile. I'll just leave it at that for now.

What are your goals for February?


  1. I'm pretty sure that my biggest goal is to avoid running injuries (isn't that everyone's goal, really?) and secondly, to make healthy eating choices. I know that sounds pretty cliched, but life is good right now.

  2. Great job with the goals! :)