Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bigger Place, Less of a Safety Net

Ah man, I can't wait for it to be the weekend. I'm excited, but I don't know why. Possibly because of the half marathon, but also just because there's something about weekends that seems... exciting.

Lately, I've been thinking about small areas versus large areas. Mainly the movement from small towns to bigger areas.

For most of my life, I've been from a small area. My hometown was a town where every person knew everyone else's name. It was easy to get recognition for things you did, easy to get to know others. You're surrounded by these people all of the time, so it's quite easy to become friends. That was the same with the sports and other activities. Even if you weren't amazing at a certain activity, it was still kind of easy to get a part in things or be on the Varsity Team. (Well, except for cross country. I suck at speed.)

The point is, you were in a safe zone. You had a safety net of friends, activities, and such just because there was nothing else to do. It wasn't hard work to get these things, they just fell into your lap.

Moving to Monmouth, it was harder to get things you wanted. The dorms helped with friends (took me a little too long to realize that), but other activities were showing me that I wasn't as amazing as I thought. Have you seen other people act? They're better than you. Have you looked at other people's art? It's incredible.
Still, the dorms constantly had activities going on so it was easy to get involved.

There's the story of someone being on top of the world while in a small town. They get every role, every top position, everybody loves them. Then, they move to a big city and get lost in the fray. They become a loser. A stereotype of this that you see in movies is the jock whose glory days were in high school.

Now I'm in an even bigger town, and I don't have a built-in house of potential friends. I have to compete to get noticed. I have to work to get to know people. However, I'm not saying I'm the jock in that small town story. Like I was near jock status. Instead, moving to a bigger town is giving me a much needed kick in the pants. It's humbling, sure, but it's humbling that is needed. Honestly, because I'm gradually coming to this realization it's going to help me after school. The rejections hurt, but they help me grow. The first meetings might be awkward, but they're helping me be... less awkward.

Anyone can move to the big city. It's how you let it affect you is what matters. You can wimp out after a few tries, or you can push forward. Work harder. Be a better you than you had to be when it took less effort. It's your choice.

However, there's nothing wrong with the small town. There are a ton of people who live in small towns because they love it. On the other hand, I know that if I went back now... I'd be regretful every minute. Like the sad jock.

Hopefully I don't sound preachy, but it's just how I'm feeling as of late. Also, I wrote way too much. Eh.

What about you? Do you like the bigger cities or the smaller towns?

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