Friday, August 5, 2011

Lending A Voice

One of my favorite games to play when watching animated shows is guess that voice actor. Most people wouldn't find voice actors interesting, but I love being able to recognize them. Sure, sometimes I don't know the actor's actual name, but I recognize the voice from other things. When there's a voice actor I really like though, I learn their name.
Two voice actors I think are awesome? Billy West and John Di Maggio.
Yeah, they're both from Futurama, but they've been featured on so many different things, it's crazy. Like Billy West is the voice of Doug too. And a bunch of other cartoons from your childhood. If you heard it, you'd probably recognize it.

Voice acting would be one of the most fun jobs ever (wow, valley girl talk much?), but how on earth would you get into that profession? Really, I don't know. I think one of the only ways seems to be that you have to be a normal actor nowadays.

It's way later than I wanted to get this written. Ah well. I hope that everyone has a lovely night!

What off the wall career do you think would be fun?

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