Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trying Things A Second Time

Summer, you are so lovely. Just sayin'.

Today was going to be my recoup day. Cleaning everywhere, organizing my stuff, getting all of that situated. The day started out productive, then came to a halt when I was asked by my sister, "Do you want to go rafting down the river with us?"

Don't get me wrong, rafting down the river is lovely during the summer. The cool water, the warm sun. Heck, I've been rafting before with Chloe... and it was kind of disastrous.
We fought like crazy, we had fewer things prepared than necessary and we were out there for about four hours. I didn't know we were going to be out there for so long. Needless to say, I was a bit hesitant when offered the chance to go rafting again. Besides, I had a lot of things I still had to do!

But I went. I seriously was in need of some social interaction anyway. And you know what? It was fun.

This trip was only about an hour long, so it didn't matter that we still weren't that well prepared. Everyone was relaxed, and no fights occurred.

I guess it goes to show you that maybe you should try something more than once, even if the first time you try it's terrible. (Although sometimes you shouldn't. But you probably know those times.)

When was the last time you tried something again that you didn't like the first time? How did you like it the second time?

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  1. I don't remember the last time that I gave something a second chance, but I definitely am trying to say "yes" to more things. You never know what will happen, right?