Saturday, July 23, 2011

Normal Activities Are The Weirdest Things...

Tonight my cousin talked about someone she cheated off of during high school, once again turning her into even more of a terrible dumb jock cliche than before. God, it's just kind of disappointing. Sometimes it sucks when your beliefs are proven to be right.
People in your life can make you believe some weird things. For instance, there might be something that your friends and family think you're crazy for doing, but sometimes are fairly normal activities. Here's a few that I've heard:

"Look at Hannah, enjoying her food."
"What, studying? Why not watch tv instead?"
"You don't want to watch this movie/TV show because you've already seen it? Weird."

Of course I've heard more, but that's what I've remembered lately. I suppose there's nothing to do about it.

What normal thing have you done that has been laughed at for being weird?

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  1. That's a hard question...I mean, Marcus doesn't understand why people eat dessert, so does that count? My nightly ritual totally baffles him :)