Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's See Some Ridiculous-ness

With the good ol' blog here, I'm never sure if mindcasting or lifecasting is more interesting. "My life isn't that exciting" I think, but then I ponder "Well, does my point of view sound stupid? Or maybe the topic itself is dumb. Gah!" You'd think after almost a year, I'd know how to do this blogging thing right, but then again I'm still having issues with allowing people to comment. I dunno.
As for the mindcasting vs lifecasting idea, I'll just write whatever comes to my mind for the day I suppose. Like I have been doing? Whatever.

On my mind for this evening? Ridiculous-ness.

Truthfully, there's only one ridiculous thing I feel I need to show tonight:

Oh. Oh dear. Well, I suppose that it's good that you've gotten out of the house... but then again, this was in the parking lot for Borders, so it's a work in progress.

Speaking of Borders, have you heard the news that it's liquidating? Makes me want to cry, because there's a Borders I loved that will be gone forever.
But back to the ridiculous-ness. There's a music video that is extremely popular at the school I'm going to next year, but it's not because it's good. It's popular because it's that bad. Just watch it for yourself.

Let me smash it and bang it.
One day a couple of my friends and I decided to see if there were any other songs from this Turquoise Jeep Records. Oh yes, there are. All of them are completely mind-boggling, but the chorus of this one is stuck in my head:

I know. I KNOW.

How do these things even happen?

What's one of the most ridiculous things that you've seen lately?

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