Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Goals, Future Goals

So Spanish. We've been meeting for five weeks now, and it's been going pretty well hasn't it? Actually, it's been draining. I'm glad that after this summer fling, we'll part on our own paths. Because four hours of Spanish? It's not a great deal.

Thursdays are quite crazy for me. Waking up at 7:00 A.M., then getting home at 7:00 P.M? What is this, the real world? From that, you might be able to realize that I don't have many exciting stories from the day.

That does get me thinking about the real world though. I seem to have a new idea about how I should live my life every second. Should I go? Should I stay? What would be the best plan for the future? Who knows if I should worry about the future, and instead worry about the now?
Then I have a new idea on what to do with my life when I see my English muffin pop up from the toaster, making me think of some metaphor for life.
Not really, but almost.

I want to do a lot of things in life. Who doesn't? For now, I have one main goal, and that's to run the marathon in October. After that, we'll see what big goal I make next.

I'd worry about weight and such, but for now... Ugh. This training is screwing with my appetite and body weight. I think I'm getting bigger, which feels like a disappointment but then I think, "Who else other than myself cares that much about my weight?" It feels like I'm disappointing someone, but I shouldn't be stressed about it.
I'd rather stress about figuring out things I need for living next year, driving arrangements, and my race.

Long run tomorrow... Hoo boy.

What are your big goals right now?

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