Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Cycle of Cleanliness

Can we go back to the weekend? I liked the weekend. Ah well.

Hello everyone! I am tired! Then again, who isn't?

Maybe it's the fact I'm at home again. Maybe it's because there's more room. Whatever it is, my room has been getting messier and messier lately. Here's how it usually goes:

Monday- Room is clean, nice looking because things were picked up during the weekend.
Tuesday- No time to hang that shirt up, I'll remember later.
Wednesday-I don't have time to pick that up, I'm getting things ready for tomorrow!
Thursday-Wasn't this room clean at the beginning of the week. (Mom: No.)
Friday-Where did my desk space go?
Saturday- Where did my floor space go?
Sunday- Room all cleaned up again... Here comes Monday.

It's a cycle. Probably won't be broken anytime soon.

Does where you're staying affect your cleanliness?

1 comment:

  1. I don't really change locales, per se. But I would definitely say that there is a sort of cycle to our week and that by Sunday we REALLY need to clean.