Friday, July 29, 2011

Change of Plans, Organizing Favors, and Anticipation

Today was supposed to be my resting day. Today I was supposed to sleep in late.

That... did not happen. I ended up waking up at my regular class time despite going to bed a little late, and kept myself busy all day.
Instead of cleaning up my own stuff, I thought it would be nice to organize in the kitchen cabinets for my parents. I also made bread.

The whole cleaning of the cupboards started when I was grabbing supplies for the upcoming school year. School is at the end of September, I know but I'm trying to do little things in a long stretch of time instead of a rush at the beginning of the year. Mostly it's baking supplies at the moment.

As for the cleaning rampage, I managed to open up a lot of space in the cupboards. I thought my parents would think it was a nice motion. My mom said I should be worrying about my own stuff, while my dad bitched about not knowing where things were. Then, when I tried explaining it to him (Rice is here, Vinegars are here... unlike before, when everything was just all thrown together), he shot me down.

Nice favors don't always turn out the way you want them to, do they? Ah well. Now, I'm tired and I have a long run tomorrow. Lately my long runs have freaked me out. It's weird, but I almost just want the race to get here so I can get it over with. Maybe it's the anticipation? Maybe it's so I can finally spend some time not organizing my life around my running? Most of my runs are easy to organize around, but not the long runs. I dunno. I just want to do the race.

Now I'm going to start getting ready for tomorrow's run. I'm hoping to run a little earlier, because summer has finally hit and it gets hot.

...I hear the ice cream lady.

What was the last favor that you did that wasn't received like you expected?

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