Saturday, July 9, 2011

Suggestive Spills and Face Masks

Hello everyone! What did you do today?

Personally, I didn't do much. Well, except kill a man.

HA! I'm just kidding, that ominous red stain isn't blood. It's raspberry syrup concentrate. Looks like it though.
The reason behind the syrup spill is because my family has a shaved ice machine and flavors that we lend out to the tennis team. When we were on tennis during high school this is how we fundraise, and now they're doing it themselves. We still have to make syurps, but having a shaved ice machine is pretty sweet.

I didn't do much today, and a big reason behind that was because I slept in really late. I suppose my body was glad to finally be able to get some rest after a long week.

My sister is here again for the weekend, and she convinced me to do this:

I've only done face masks once or twice before, and I must say they are odd. It was so cold!
Other than that, something got me angry earlier, and I basically acted like a preteen about it. I think I had good reason to be angry, I just didn't go about showing that anger the right way. Gah.

Have you ever done a face mask before?

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  1. I've done masks before but quite honestly, they don't really do it for me...I'm kind of hoping to cultivate some sort of skincare habit in the next year but right now it functions best by me leaving it alone.