Monday, February 20, 2012

They Come With Cookies...

It's the season. You may not realize what the season is, but you do know it. Once you see them, you realize what season it is, which may cause happiness or terror.

Folks, it's Girl Scout Cookie season.

Let's be honest: Girl Scout Cookies are not a culinary masterpiece. However, I think it's the rarity of them that makes them so special. Only one time a year. You best not forget it. Then again, there's always someone around who knows someone selling them.

Yeah, I've seen all of those fancy-smancy homemade versions of Girl Scout Cookies. Oh yes, I bet they are delicious. Still, there's something about that boxed version you just can't get out of a homemade cookie. There are times for homemade, and then there are times where you just can't replicate. Another example would be those god-awful sugar cookies from the store that have an inch thick of neon frosting on them. So awful, but I adore them. No idea why.

I've always been a Tagalong girl. Give me the peanut butter and chocolate, and we're good. My family has always loved Samoas, but I just don't dig them. Coconut tastes good, but I hate that texture. Sure, they are tasty, but... Eh. And Thin mints? Give me any other dessert than minty, please. Mint is not dessert, it's a breath freshener.

I think I'll call my dad and ask him if he'll get some for me. Someone at his work is always selling them. Well, I should just call my dad to say hello anyways. Be a good kid or something, right?

Do you like Girl Scout Cookies? What's your favorite kind?

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  1. My goal for the next year is to figure out how to make the Caramel Delites from scratch. They're probably my all-time favorite "purchased" cookie and I just feel like there's some potential there.