Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sugar Intake

Happiness is getting an A- on a midterm that you were convinced you were going to barely pass. YES.

Anywho, hello! How is everyone doin'? As you can probably figure out, I'm in a fairly good mood.

Lately I've been having trouble with my no soda/no gum buying situation. The reason I like both of these is because I get a sweet flavor to taste, without actually eating anything. And that's usually just what I crave.

However, recently I've been munchy just because I want the sweet taste. Not good.

I've always had a huge sweet tooth. I could care less about the potato chips, but give me a plate of cookies? I can't contain myself. This obviously leads to a problem with sugar.
I know for a fact that I eat way too much sugar, and that's even on a pretty healthy day. The thing that probably causes the biggest impact? My beloved craisins.

I've looked at a package of them for sugar content, and it's about half a day's worth! Ridiculous.
Still, I love my craisins. It's a lazy way to get some fruit in, and it's so delicious.

On the other hand, that sugar consumption needs to go down. Maybe I'll have to wean myself off the craisins. At least not have them as often as I do now. Sigh.

Do you have a big sweet tooth? Or do you crave salty snacks more often?


  1. Try Dates girlfriend. I had no idea of how delicious they were on their own until about...two weeks ago? It's like natural candy corn. You'll be obsessed. Yes, they still have a decent calorie punch, but at least they're completely unprocessed, right?

  2. I LOVE sweet foods, too. But usually if I get some fruit - raisins, oranges, bananas, etc. it helps with my sweet cravings.