Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I'm slowly starting to clean/pack up things in my room for moving out, and it's making the room feel a bit... eerie. Just because it's so empty.

Grocery shopping is a weird thing to get used to. If I don't have certain foods in the house, I automatically turn to the closest type of junk food in my house. Why? Perhaps it's because I start to think, "Hey, if I'm not going to have this healthy type of food to eat in my house, that leaves me more junk food to fit into my meal." Yeah. The logic is not sound. Thankfully, I got my rear into gear and bought some fruit, veggies, and grains that I had been missing. I've had far too much sugar this weekend, and it made my body completely out of wack.

I'm slowly starting back on the responsibility train. I like that. True, it's taking a lot of work, but I'm getting there. Part of the FOUR BIG THINGS I NEED TO GET DONE list was buy a ticket for London. I've been looking at tickets and such for a long time, and tonight I finally grew a pair (plus the help of my mom) bought my ticket. Next part of that process? Figuring out where I'm going to be staying for the week and a half before I have official housing. Yeah.

This has just been an... interesting weekend overall. I had pretty much a mental breakdown yesterday, and it wasn't pretty. Maybe the overdose on sugar made my mental state unstable? Possibly.

Goals of the upcoming week: Spend as much time as possible in the library. I need to get a move on with these projects. Seriously.

What groceries do you run out of the fastest? For me, it's English muffins and frozen veggies. Also carrots.

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