Thursday, May 24, 2012

Being Sorted

Sometimes you're awake for awakes sake. Tonight is one of those nights.

Truthfully, I'm only up because I've been avoiding starting a blog post but I wanted to do it tonight before it became Monday and I realized I hadn't done any in a long time. That tends to happen to me. And yes, that's probably the ugliest sentence I've ever seen too.

Last night I was up late writing as well, but that's because I was writing a play. Yep. I don't write plays. Especially since I have no creative drive in that sort of sense. However, no one else was taking over the job, so it was up to me to write something.
Remember how I've been saying I'm ready for summer to just get here?
Well, there are some things that are looming over my head that I'm just not ready to deal with yet. Like this project. And the big research paper that's going to go with this project. Hoo boy.

Still don't have a job. Every job that I've been applying to from the UO joblink that says it was JUST posted has told me, "Oh, we put that up a long time ago." According to the website, you put it up today. What is this?

Sooo... has anyone been to the Pottermore website? Have you been sorted? I finally moseyed on over to see where I would be sorted. I was not prepared for the whole back story thing (another reason why I'm up so late).

Soon, I arrived to the sorting hat. I started to get nervous, like for some reason a virtual hat would affect me in the real world.

I just didn't want to be sorted into Hufflepuff.

I wasn't. I was sorted into... Gryffindor? Me? Really? If anything, I'm a first year Neville version of Gryffindor.

At least I'm not in Hufflepuff.

What was the last type of personality test that you took? Did it fit with your personality?

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  1. Virtually sorted, I am always a Ravenclaw. I think that it fits.

    Sorting > Job Applications.

    Keep your head up!