Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vacation in Sight

As I pretty much say every weekend, I can't believe the weekend is already over! Seriously, where did it go?

Today I ended up doing one of the craziest things I can think of: I slept in. I know, right? However, even with sleeping in I didn't get any extra sleep. If anything I got about seven hours of sleep. But still! Waking up later than seven is wild for me.

Currently, I am on total countdown mode. Sure, I'm still worried about having a summer job, but having school be done is weighing on me more. I know. If I was in the working force, I'd be happy to be in school. Yet right now all I want is summer. I don't want to think about assignments that happen at home. I don't want to worry about grades. I want to be in summer mode.

Awhile ago, I was talking to my sister about why I wasn't in school mode, and I think her reason makes a lot of sense. I've been continuously in school for seven terms now, if you don't count winter breaks. Even though it wasn't as much school as normal, summer school was still school. I still had assignments, I still had tests to study for. Also, I worked a little and spent the rest of the time training for the marathon. Seemed like a lot to me. That means my brain has been in study mode for quite some time. Even working during the summer brings a different vibe to your brain.

The biggest thing that always appealed to me for teaching was the fact that you got summers off. Once I'm done with college, that's not going to happen. Plus I'm not going to be a teacher. Therefore, I cherish these summer vacations now.

I think the truth is that the time right before the transition makes me more giddy than anything. I'm excited to move part one of my stuff next weekend. I know, right? I'm ridiculous.

Obviously this is all brought on by the upcoming midterm and paper outline I have due this week. Hurrah. At least it's the last midterm, but I have absolutely no idea how to study for it. I've done well on the mini quizzes... but will that help? Pish, I know you guys can't answer that, I'm just thinking out loud.
Six more weeks of school. Here we go.

Are you excited for summer? (Doesn't matter if you don't get summer vacation, just summer in general) Why?

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  1. I love summer. Just the extra hours, bbq's, and spending time outside. No real goals (other than the 4th of July half-marathon)!