Friday, May 25, 2012

Sleeping Patterns and Midnight Showings

Remember how I said that I didn't care about sleep, I was going to stay up? Well, that finally bit me in the butt. Yesterday was the second day in my college career that I overslept. I know.
I think it's just because I've had such an effed up sleep schedule that my body finally decided to say "You know what? You're just going to sleep through your alarm."
It was very surreal at first too. I looked at my clock and chuckled. What? My eyes are off. Then I looked again... Nope. Rushing to class with no makeup, mussy hair in the rain is not great. What sucks the most about it is it was a class that I actually like, and I didn't want the professor to not like me. That might be out the window.

Got another rejection letter for a job today. Bah. By the looks of it, it seems like I'm not going to have a summer job. Which is bad, because I need money. I'm so tired of every job being a full school year job, or going into September. Honestly, I just need more connections.

Speaking of summer, it's almost here. Gah! With that in mind, summer blockbusters are coming out. We've already had quite a few come out like The Avengers, and today Men In Black 3 came out.There's a trend that's happening with many of these movies, and that is the trend of midnight showings. Originally to me, these midnight showings seemed only meant for fandom favorites such as Harry Potter. Slowly it appeared that superhero movies wanted this too. Now Men in Black 3 has had a midnight showing!
I know why midnight showings happen. It's to get more people in watching the show. But for me, midnight showings feel like secret special things. Only the dedicated go to these things. However with more and more of them, it feels less... special. I know, it's a bit ridiculous to feel this way about the movies, it's just how I feel.

Anywho, I'm excited for all of the fun movies coming out. Then again, I haven't gone to the movies in awhile, so we'll see if I'll get to any soon.

Have you ever been to a midnight movie showing? What movies are you excited for this summer? I'm excited for the last dark knight movie!

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