Monday, May 7, 2012

Musical Distractions

When I was in high school, I would listen to music or watch TV while doing my homework. What happened after that was I didn't retain any of the information that I had just read. Now when going over work or reading I have to have music off. I know that a lot of people need music when they study, and I find that so bizarre. Sure, if it's music without words like classical music I'm fine. However a lot of people will watch a show and be able to get their information just fine.

I've been told that I'm just not as good at multi-tasking if I have trouble listening to music and doing other things at the same time. Seems a bit insulting to my intelligence, but whatever. I think I retain the information a lot better than others personally. Ha, who knows.

When I'm blogging even I usually can't have music. If I do, I tend to have it at a kind of low volume. My thoughts never come out as well if I have music playing because my thoughts get mixed with the lyrics in the songs. My thoughts are never as coherent written out when I listen to music. Because of that, if I'm writing something professional I never listen to things with lyrics. I just want to make sure that I sound professional in such things, and that tends to not happen when I have music.

If you didn't realize, I'm currently listening to music as I write this post. So if I seem less coherent, that is the reason.

Last midterm happening tomorrow. I have no idea how to study for it. I've done well on all of the quizzes, and it's English. How on earth do you study for an English midterm? I suppose I was able to study for them last year, but that was more when I didn't know what the characters did. In Greek plays, many of the characters say very similar things. That means when using quotes, it was difficult to match quotes to characters. Yet I feel like I know who says what in these current books. I know who has what problems, who would say which type of things. It's the essay parts I have no idea to study for. Hmm.

In random news, my cousins are thinking of doing a half! I'm so excited! They don't know which one yet, but my sister suggested this one happening on the fourth of July. That would be fun, and I know I'd be in shape in time for it. I mean, my sister and I are training for a half "race" June 3rd, so if I just kept continuing my mileage at around that area, I would be fine. Once they register for one, I think I'll join them.

How is it almost ten? I just don't understand.

Are you able to listen to music/watch TV while doing work?


  1. Musica usually distracts me, too. :)

  2. I can do music. TV shows are hit or miss - things like Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, True Blood are single-task TV shows. My bigger issue is trying to talk and type at the same time.