Thursday, March 15, 2012

Different Opinions on Giving Information

I'm both excited for the weekend and nervous. Excited for fun times with both friends and family; Not so excited for upcoming finals.

Here's a recent moment I had with my mother. I got a call from her, asking about a reference that was for my job working for her. As you know now, I got the internship that I applied for. (I'm actually going in to talk to them today) In my mind, I was going to tell her the next time I saw her, which I knew would be very soon. In my mind, when family members get together, that's when they announce new and exciting things in their life. Think of any movie where a family is having a type of reunion. In that situation, they'll say, "I got the promotion!" or "I found a new guy." Since she was asking about it though, I thought I'd say "Yeah, I got the internship" casually.
Next thing I know my mom is breaking down over the phone.

"You girls never tell me anything! It's like you don't want me in your lives!"

WHOA. Calm down! It was a storm of emotion being throw at me over the speaker. You see how I explained my vision of telling people things above? Apparently she didn't see it that way.

I find it a little bizarre that I got this reaction the more I think about it. My mom will casually throw around big news in conversation like it's no thing all of the time. She does it especially to my dad.

I also thought about how I usually tell people big information. Honestly, it takes me twenty minutes to figure out a good way to throw in the fact it's my birthday into the conversation. (Not for another seven months) Throwing out information like that casually is normal for me.

Personally, I don't think I've done anything wrong. That's my opinion.
I tried to make this sound the least amount of teen-angsty as possible, but it still sounds pretty much like that. I tried.

I had an excellent pi day yesterday, did you? I ended up worrying over nothing schedule wise, I enjoyed the company of delightful people, and discussed serious topics. For example, why cheesecake should be called cheese pie. It's made with a graham crust. Actually makes sense.

Next big thing on my to do list is Human Physiology Exam Studying! Don't know why that's all capitalized. Hm. If I do well enough on this exam tomorrow, I won't have to take the final. That will be nice, because then the only Tuesday final I'll have to worry about is economics.

On a last note, Community returns tonight! I feel like a bad fan for not watching it tonight, but I just can't. I need to keep my brain on the HPHY, but instead I'll reward myself with it after my test. Plus, I don't have a TV. So there's that.

How do you usually talk to other people about big news?

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  1. I'm terrible at sharing big news because usually I just private. One on one is a good place to start. Once the world knows, I'm obviously willing to celebrate with all the people (hence a 350 person wedding) but there's something to be said for not TOO much attention at once.

    That being said, your mother was probably stressed out about a million other things and so it all came out over no one ever telling her anything. We have all had that conversation.