Sunday, March 18, 2012

Having it Easier

I just have to say that this weekend was a great weekend. I spent times with friends, family, and doing things that made me feel good.

Now, the upcoming week is finals week. Yep. You know what though? I'm not terrified. I'm not extremely stressed, or lacking sleep, or spending hours hidden away in the library.

This term hasn't been very hard, and weirdly enough I feel guilty. Yes, guilty. Or maybe the right word is embarrassed.

When I hear everyone else talk about how hard they have to work, I feel bad. I don't have to write papers that have page limits in the double digits. I don't have finals that take studying time to the max. My classes are simple.

I think why it makes me feel guilty is because it feels like I'm being lazy in college. Being lazy in college isn't good. You go to college to prove that you've learned a lot and are an educated citizen.

However, I think of why I'm not going crazy with stress right now compared to a lot of people and it makes sense. Most people I talk to are upper class men. I apparently have a habit of getting to know the upperclassmen, especially since I know a lot of my sister's friends. Most of them are graduating this year, so obviously they have upper division courses. Upper division courses= more difficulty.
I'm taking lower division courses right now because I have to. Necessary credits. I know I'll have harder work in the future.

For example, all journalism students have to go through a sequence called Gateway. I'm doing it winter term, and I know it's going to be a lot of work. I don't even know all of the details of the series, but it involves a huge project that takes up a lot of time. I've seen the mention of Gateway make some students cringe.

The point is, I know I'll have a lot to work in the future. Sure I have easy classes now, but that will change. I need to make sure that the classes I take now I get as high of grades as I can. I think it would be nice to try for an honor of some kind in college, and these classes right now will help.

Sure I've had a few stresses with this term, but looking back they've been minor. I tend to over think things. Like over thinking the ease of this term? Perhaps. Eh. That's how I roll.

That isn't to say I shouldn't study for my finals, because I definitely need to study for ECON.

Do you ever feel guilty for weird things (Like having it easier in school)? Did your college major have a big project required?

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  1. In college, there were a few classes that I really had to put hard work in for, but by and large, I just didn't think paper writing and finals were hard. There were a few late nights, but mostly it was just you did. Plus, you knew they were coming, so it's not like you could be surprised, you know?

    Don't worry about it! You're doing just fine.