Sunday, March 4, 2012

Running Free

Let me start this off with sports make people into idiots. Bold statement, perhaps? Sure. I still fully believe it though. I'm not saying that there can't be smart athletes, oh no. However, when participating in a sport, your brain can go dumb while in the process. I'm just starting this post off with that thought.

As I've mentioned before, spring is here in Oregon. I'm not sure if the rest of the state has agreed with this statement, but once you've had three different types of weather in ten minutes, I think spring has officially begun in Oregon.

With that thought, I wasn't sure what weather to expect for my run today. The sky in the morning has said rain was heading in for the afternoon. Sure, it wasn't said by the forecaster, but you can't really trust the news report. That was rain sky.

Or so I thought.

Y'see, because of a change in the scheduling for the day, I ended up having quite a bit of time to run during. I definitely pulled a college kid and napped. As I awoke from my nap, I decided it was time to get my rear into gear. I had a long sleeve shirt on with running capris. I was ready for "just in case" rain. Imagine my surprise to see the sun shining like a June day.

As the run went on, I started to get really hot. It was certainly slowing me down, that's for sure.
Remember how I said sports make you stupid? Well, here's where my stupid moment went down.

I exposed myself to the world.

Alright, I didn't really expose myself, I simply took off my shirt and ran in sports bra only. For me thought? That's like exposing myself.

Now I'm not toned. I currently don't weigh more than usual, but I know that it's all fat and no muscle right now. I don't have that perfect body, but you know what? I think I'm allowed to run in a sports bra.

This situation actually reminded me of a funny occurrence a long time ago. I was driving with my cousin when I heard her exclaim, "EW! That old guy is so creepy!" She was talking about an old guy without his shirt on going on a run. He wasn't the most pleasant thing to look at, but at least he was running. He was keeping his body healthy, but he couldn't really help the extra skin that was there due to age. At the time, I too decided it was gross. But now I think, "Hey! It's hot out. I'd like to be as cool as possible while running.

Which brings me back to today. This isn't a normal occurrence, nor is it going to become one in the future. Would I have taken my shirt off to run normally? No. But my caveman mind kicked in, saying "Hannah HOT!" so stupidly I listened to it. I just happened to be over-heated during my run today, and it was too much. I suppose it's nicer when the super fit get hot too, but you know what? We all deserve to be able to adapt to the heat.

Once I finished running, I challenged myself to walk home shirtless still. You can bet your ass I was sucking my gut in the entire time, but it was all about the confidence I portrayed. Imagine that.

Welp, that certain was an interesting experience for the day. Remember: Never trust Orgeon weather.

How do you feel about running shirtless?


  1. "Hannah HOT". lol. running shirtless is on my "things I must do sometime" list - maybe when I feel more confident and healthy!

  2. I don't run shirtless, but that's also because typically I'm either in racing tank (or sleeves/layers over the racing tank) AND because my tights cut at my belly button, so flab aside, I just think that my stomach would get chopped really weird, if that makes any sense.

    All that aside, you ABSOLUTELY deserve to be able to run in your sports bra whenever you want. Because we are runners and we do what we please.