Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trends and Trading

I love clothing, and I love fashion. I like seeing all of the new trends, yet I never usually dress accordingly. Give me a dress, cardigan, and cool tights and I'm good to go. I've been told I over-dress for the everyday style, but I like my style. I believe it's better to be overdressed than under dressed. Besides, you never know who you'll run into.
I'm getting distracted, but the point is that I usually don't dress for the fashion trends. Recently though, there's one fashion trend that I've adored: Colored pants.

I love the big bold colored pants that I've seen, and almost every pair I see has made me envious. I know that this trend has been going on for quite some time now, but I still see it going strong. Even if the trend dies down soon, I still dig those pants.

On a different subject, when I was in high school, my friends always participated in one activity that I could never get behind. No, not that activity. They would always trade clothes/accessories/etc. This activity wasn't necessarily like the type that you always see in movies though. The clothes were usually something that another person left at their house, or in their car. Finders keepers? Apparently.
I don't know why I never got involved with this practice, but it might have been the fact that I didn't want to lose any of my clothes. I liked my clothes a lot more than any of the clothes of my friends. Might sound a bit mean, but they shopped thrift stores for fun. Not because of no money, just because they thought the hobo pants looked cooler. You might find that under a definition of a hipster (or a stoner). I tend to like Ross a bit better and plaid isn't my thing. Remember the Oregon uniform? Not my thing. Therefore, even if I didn't trade clothes it didn't bother me much.

You might be wondering why I suddenly changed topics on you, but I have my reasons. I may have not traded clothing in high school, but for the first time in my life I got clothes from a party. I did what all of my high school friends did. And they are red pants. Fantastic.
Alright, during normal situations I would not have gone home with a random pair of red pants, but the party that I went to included trading articles of clothing. I came with one pair of pants. I went home with two.

When I'm in my thirties, or even sooner, there's no way I'm going to wear an article of clothing around that I got from a party. Matter of fact, it'll be pretty ridiculous if I go to a party and end up taking clothing in the first place. But for now, when in Rome... I'll do as the Romans do. And end up with some red pants.

In other news, I'm spending less time in my room while in the apartment, and actually spending time in the dining area. I've been fine in the kitchen spending time cooking, but never much in the dining area. I think what has happened is that the smell in that area is bearble now. (When I first moved in, my sister came in for five minutes and wanted to hurl. It was awful.) I mean, I brought the table in! I should be using it! Goodness.
Have you ever traded clothing with someone for a long time/ indefinitely?

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