Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Shoes

Well this weekend was certainly on the opposite side of the spectrum from last weekend. Simply put, my weekend wasn't very good. The reason why was pretty much a lot of little stupid things, and they all just started to add up. Plus throw some personal emotional stressors in there and... yeah. However! I despise reveling in the crappy things in the past, so we move on! One thing that did occur this weekend that was pretty good? I got new running shoes! FINALLY.

Oh, aren't they pretty? I think so. They're the upgrade of my old shoes because I just can't leave my Mizunos. I had the poor girl bring me so many different shoes, but I kept on drifting back to the Mizunos. Usually, if the shoes were fine as soon as I tried them I would just go with them. Alas, when I first tried the upgrade on, something wasn't right. They were a bit tight on the sides. Everything else felt fine, but I knew that would bother me. Finally, she offered to grab the next half size up which apparently was my glass slipper.

Good thing too, because the half size smaller was a hideous orange/blue combo. No good. Plus, the shoes I have seem to be 15th anniversary edition. Aw, I'm older than Mizunos. Hmm. That's weird. I'm so used to companies being older than I am.

I tried them out today, and they worked just fine. It was a treadmill run though, so we'll have to see how these babies test outside.

As for the mileage on my old Mizunos? Barely under 700 miles. Yeah. Truth be told, I wasn't that worried about the old guys. When I went to the orthopedics place, she was surprised by how many miles my shoes had due to the fact that they were in pretty good shape. However, I finally started to feel the mileage this week. Soo... new shoes.

I'll miss those old shoes. They were my marathon shoes! I'm just a sentimental fool.

Anywho, I'm excited for this week. Finally going to have a lot of appointments I've been waiting to have for a long time, like a hair cut. Weirdly enough now that I'm in college I tend to like appointments. Also, tomorrow I find out if I got hired for a job for the summer. Doubtful, but I'm still hoping. Just a lot of little things to keep me busy this week. I like keeping busy.

What brand of running shoes do you love? Have you switched, or stayed the same?

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  1. Fingers crossed they continue to feel good - they look fast!

    I've been running Brooks Ravennas since...July 2010. I'm on pair #9?