Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Goals and Last Month's Recap

When thinking of an introductory sentence, I had one of those, "Holy crumbcake, where has the time gone moments." I say this because it's already April, and I've almost completed another year of college. Granted, I have 2.5 months left, but it almost feels like I've been here for a couple of months, not six. Wild.

Seeing as it's the beginning of the month, or five day into it, it's time to look over the goals of last month, and try for new goals. As you know, I didn't say what my goals were last month. I was trying a thing where if I don't talk about them, it won't get as hyped up. You know what happened? Nothing different from my usual goals. I didn't do fantastic, but I did work a little on them. They were:
  • Only one treat a day
  • Spend 8 hours out of my apartment every day
  • Work it out
Yeah. Pretty ridiculous. The middle goal may seem strange to all you normal people out there, but this winter I had a hard time leaving my apartment. Honestly, I think it was winter talking. With that, I did... better than usual. I made an effort.
For sweets, I did average too. Surprisingly, when I was on vacation I didn't eat as many desserts as I thought I would. Finals week was not a good week for this though, but... what are you going to do. The past is the past.
I think the goal I did the best with was the Work it out! goal. True, that's the vaguest goal and goals shouldn't be vague. However, I had a base plan: Do more than just run, lift weights, do punch card workouts. And I did that! I've been getting my guns back into shape, and only this week back I haven't done a punch card workout. It feels good.

For April, I'm going to tell you my goals. Why? Because it made no difference in how I faced them. Besides, if I have them written down here, I'll remember them better. Maybe.

My goals this month are:
  • Keep the computer off until all homework is complete for the next two days.
Did I say goals? I meant one goal, because that's all that's really concerning me right now. Last term I had a lot of really simple classes. This term? Not so much. I have two 300-level classes and two science classes. That's not so easy for me. My mind has wanted to be in the "Oh, we can chill out for awhile" mindset due to the fact that I didn't have much to do during the winter. That's not gonna cut it when I have 100 pages of reading to do in one day. First quiz of theatre history certainly was a wake up call. (It doesn't help that my book for that class is still shipping.) When it came time to read my 100 pages for English, I needed to get my stuff together. I did, but I stayed up later than I'd like to reading, especially since I had time to not have to do that. Truth be told, most of my computer time is just me procrastinating on what I need to do next. Therefore, it's time to cut it off. I'll check my email in the morning with my breakfast as usual, but as soon as that's done it's time to turn off the computer. Until I finish my homework that is.

Other than that, no other solid big goals. Just trying to do things the best I can every day.

Do you have any goals for this month?


  1. This month? My goals are to log the miles and stay healthy (not sick, uninjured, etc.). Simple. Right?

  2. Have an awesome month! :) Here's to a FANTASTIC April for all of us.