Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Lack of Common Sense

Yesterday seemed to be kind of a day where I lacked common sense. It happens sometimes.

For instance, instead of eating real food for meals yesterday, I instead ate Easter candy for my meals. Yes, both lunch and dinner. There were a few slices of ham thrown in there at one point, but still. See, my thought process for this was, "Well you're going to eat a boat-load of candy anyway today. I know that. So might as well skip the middle man." And skip that middle man I did. Oof. I don't regret it though. I used to be able to eat junk instead of real meals all of the time, and now... not so much. Am I getting old? I didn't think 20 was old, but who knows.
Then again, I also weighed 15 lbs more when I was able to eat junk as meals more often. It could be that my body actually understands that healthy food is what my body needs. What a concept.

The other thing that was blocked from common sense yesterday was the fact that after finishing my reading for class just in time to get eight hours of sleep, I then proceeded to stay up for another half hour. Goodness.

There are so many moments where I throw common sense to the wind, and it's ridiculous. Mainly, this comes with procrastination. Common sense and procrastination seem to be complete opposites, eh? That's why I'm trying to get better with it. Hence the goal of spending time on the computer only when I'm done with work.
Side note: this is a hard goal to keep when your reading is on the computer. Also when it comes to blogging. There's just so many ways to waste my time on the Internet! Ah well.

Now it's time to more onto my next thing I've been procrastinating on, and that's going to the grocery store. I need bread products and fruit. And yes, I said bread products. Long story.

When does your common sense fly out the window?

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  1. Even though feeling like crap after subsisting on a diet of Easter Candy seems fairly logical, I will not fault your logical on skipping the middleman. I probably would have decided the same darned thing.

    Now, you officially owe us a story on "bread products." :)