Thursday, July 12, 2012

Relaxing and Refashioning

Body, you make me so confused. Why on earth do you wake me up at five in the morning, then make me tired all day but refuse to let me sleep more? You confuse me.

Anywho, yesterday was a day to escape the house in order to explore the outside world. Instead of biking to a coffee shop, I decided it would be nice to simply stroll along on my bike (or whatever the word for the biking version of that is) around. It's good to be outside, especially since it helps our body maintain homeostasis better. Or so I've heard.

After some exploration, I finally decided to just chill in a park and read. Not the druggie park, but the one where families actually go to to spend time by the river. Though in retrospect, in a small town they're both parks where the stoners roam. I enjoy a good reading in the grass, but I usually bring a blanket to lay on. Today was not a day for remembering a blanket, so my ass was quite literally grass. Or grass-y. I felt like a happy golden retriever rolling around.

One thing I tend to forget about laying in the grass during the summer is what it does to your skin. You know, the sudden itchiness? That you don't remember until you're running and sweat starts to form? Then suddenly your skin feels like little bugs are crawling everywhere itchy? Yup.

Still worth it though.

The other thing that's on my mind (and what kept me inside for far too long yesterday) was the blog Refashionista. Someone mentioned it, so I decided to take a look. If you don't look at the site, what she does is she buys super cheap ugly things from thrift stores and makes them into super adorable outfits.

Um, how fun is that? Doesn't it just make you want to do that yourself? Well... then I remember that I'm terrible at sewing. And we all know how awesome I am at homemade projects. But I like her ideals of using old things instead of constantly buying new. It's a good idea... if you can make stuff like that. Or if it's a hobby.

Perhaps I'll try sewing something. I can do a little... and I have clothes I don't wear anymore... We could be seeing another craft fail by me in the future! Ha.

Are you crafty? What type of crafty things interest you?

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  1. I am terrifyingly un-crafty so I'm basically astonished when anyone ever manages to action something original because it's just beyond me. Or on the rare occasion that I am So Moved to craft, the craft ends up defeating me.