Thursday, July 26, 2012

Approaching Olympics

One of the most frustrating things in the world is getting an email for a book you were pretty sure you returned, saying that the book is overdue. Anywho.

The Olympics are coming up, and everyone is getting excited. I always think I'm going to be much more excited about the Olympics than I end up being. I suppose I originally get excited, but then I never actually end up watching them. Hum.

However, there is one part that I usually do end up watching, and that part is the Opening Ceremonies. (A frustrating sentence. Still not sure if it's correct.) The Opening Ceremonies tend to be in my opinion one of the most interesting parts of the events.

Remember the Beijing Opening Ceremonies? How fantastic were those? They also made people worried that China was going to take over the world. Seriously, those drummers were creepily in-sync.

I've heard some pretty crazy stories about what's going to occur during the ceremony this year, but we won't know until Friday, will we? I have heard a rumor about a giant Voldemort appearing. I'm not kidding, but it's also a rumor.

Another fun part about the Opening Ceremonies is seeing all of the teams come out in their country's uniforms. This year is a bit tainted though. Why? Well, haven't you heard?

America's uniforms were made in China.

I wish I was kidding.

I mean, how embarrassing is that? Even if the uniforms were stupid looking, it wouldn't be as embarrassing. Just my opinion though.

I'm still pumped to watch the Opening Ceremonies though! Yep! Now if only I knew where that book went.

Are you going to watch the Opening Ceremonies? What do you think about the uniform controversy? 

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  1. I think the uniform controversy is nonsense, only because pretty much everything we wear is made Not Here and I'm willing to bet that most of the athletes' gear/competition uniforms aren't made here either.

    I will be at a party tomorrow night to watch and I can't wait!