Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hanging Out and Ice Cream

What a delightful few days!

I spent a few days hanging out with my cousin while the rest of her family was away. She couldn't go with them because of a scheduled thing.
After the first day of it just being her and I, my mom, sister, and aunt spent some time with us too.
Saw a couple of movies, made bagels, got our toenails done, got some new running stuff, went to the Rose Garden, and had ice cream for National Ice Cream Day.

Oh, you didn't know about National Ice Cream Day? Well, the Internet told me it was yesterday. Hey, give me any excuse to celebrate a type of tasty food, and I'm in.

The place we went to was called Salt and Straw. The most peculiar thing about this place wasn't the flavors (we'll get to that), but instead how I found out about it. I actually heard about it while channel surfing, avoiding going to bed. Yeah, I don't know why either. I noticed the show was talking about Portland, so I decided to tune in for a second to see if the food place sounded good.

We started talking about food places in Portland, and this ice cream place had popped up in the conversation. It seemed my aunt had actually been to the place! What a crazy little coincidence.

As for the place itself? It did not disappoint. Walking up to it you could smell the waffle cones, and they smelled incredible. I'm not a cone person usually, but I couldn't not have a cone.
A few of the flavors were normal, like chocolate or berry. However, there were crazy ones too that took up most of the menu. My flavor happened to be pretty out there: Pear and Bleu Cheese. It was super quality ice cream, despite sounding so bizarre.

Here's the thing. If I go to someplace that's known for unique flavors, I try to go for the unique. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your new favorite. I don't think Pear and Bleu Cheese is my new favorite, but it was certainly fun to try.

What's the craziest flavor combo you've ever tried?

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  1. Okay. That just sounds amazing. I've never had any terrifically far-out flavors, though I did discover a gelato place the other day that had Bloody Mary on offer. I will probably have to go for that if only just to know.