Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finishing Finals

Is it over?

Well, kind of. Yes. The school year is over. All of my finals are done, I'm out of my apartment, and I've even found out some of my grades already. However, life is still kind of go go going.

My departure from the apartment was a bit odd. I moved out on Thursday, a day before my lease wass done. I was just ready to get out. I cleaned some areas of the apartment before I left. I didn't need to, they weren't my messes. I didn't pay any of the safety deposit, but if I did I would totally cleaned the apartment more. I cleaned for closure really.

As for finals, I did... alright? In some areas, anyways. I have to be honest though. I completely bombed my geology final. You'd think I'd be more worried... but I still got a B in the class overall. So, I felt fine.

Tonight was my cousin's high school graduation, and tomorrow we're having my sister's graduation party. She has her official graduation on Monday though. (Who does that?)

In other news, Kat is running her second marathon, and wants people to "run" with her! I wanted to, but it looks like there's no way I can. So please, join in if you can!

I seriously have got to go to bed. We'll talk more later.

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