Monday, June 11, 2012

Finals, Working, Moving, Etc.

Well. It's certainly been a crazy couple of days.

Since we've last chatted, here are a few things that have happened in my life:
  • Finished a big ol' research paper
  • Moved pretty much everything out of my apartment
  • Worked on a construction site
  • Finished my last classes of my second year of college
  • Made a fool of myself, but also had a lot of fun
  • Took my first final, three more and a paper to go.
Not necessarily in that order. Good lord, I cannot wait until it's Thursday afternoon.

I'm not quite sure how to process all of the information coherently to the rest of the world right now, which might be due to the fact that I've currently had very little sleep. On that note, I'd been doing well on the run streak until yesterday, but I missed yesterday's run. Aw. Honestly, I got home about nine after moving all day and... promptly fell asleep for about an hour and a half to two hours. This led to me being awake until 3:30 in the morning when I had to get up at seven. I'm not quite sure how I'm functioning either.

I'll be sure to chat more about stuff, but for now I've got to get back to studying. Blargh.

3.5 hours until my next final.
26.5 hours until my next paper is due.
Hoo boy.

Any day of the week you're looking forward to?

1 comment:

  1. Finals = Not something I have missed about school. Make sure to get enough rest - any studying now is just icing on the cake. You've already done the hard work of learning.