Sunday, September 2, 2012

An European Update


It's obvious that I've been gone for quite some time. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you should know why. If you are just stumbling upon it, let me give you an update.
  • I landed in London, England on August 30th.
  • I instantly took a flight to Paris, France on August 31st.
  • For the last 3.5 days, I've done non-stop walking. 
So the main gist you should get from that is I'm in Paris right now. I also don't speak a word of French, but I've been able to survive. Luckily, people in big cities tend to be quite bilingual. I wonder if Portland ever has to deal with that.

I've actually been writing a lot, but it's all been in a journal. Still, most of the time I've been constantly walking. My feet are achy, but I haven't wanted to stop.

Here's a bit of a summary of my adventures currently...

When I arrived in London, I had a bit of time to walk around the city. First thing I realize was I think my mom was wrong. She convinced me it would be a good idea to bring a bigger suitcase so I would be able to bring more things home. My things all fit in a smaller suitcase, but... No buts. That thing was so hard to move around. Whatever. I tried finding wifi, but no such luck. I bought a cheap phone. I ate parts of the dinner from the flight I hadn't eaten before for lunch. I was able to find an Internet cafe for a little bit, but I only checked my email and facebook. You'd be surprised how little time twenty minutes is.
Soon I met Gregoire. Gregoire is Andrew's (family friend who I'm staying with the first few days) temporary roommate. He's going to be a surgeon! Wild. As soon as I got into the flat I fell asleep in a chair. Later, when Andrew came home I was ready to go. We three toured London, with Andrew showing us the way. He knew what was what.
We went to a pub where "apparently" shady political deals went down. Later we went to a Thai place, then headed home.

The next day I went out on the town. I wandered around, not knowing really where I was going to go. Good thing too, because if I didn't do that I wouldn't have come across the British Library.  Why did this make me excited? Welp, they just happened to have a display called Writing Britain which happened to have the original manuscript to the first Harry Potter. So yeah, pretty exciting.

After some exploring, it was back to the flat to get ready for my flight to Paris.

Gosh, I have a lot to write about still, but I'll write more later. I'm thinking I'll have more free time when I get back to London.


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