Friday, September 7, 2012

Adventures Abroad: Where I Do a Bit of Shopping

Here we are, continuing on to our next part of the adventures!

I wake up on my last day at the hostel bright and early. On that day, I was going to do something I hadn't done since I'd gotten to Europe. I went on a run. 
I had a general idea of where I was going, and was going to run for at least 30 minutes. i don't know how far I actually went, but I ran for at least 40 minutes. The crazy thing is, I didn't hurt at all. I felt GOOD. 
I did end up getting lost for a bit, but managed to get back to my hostel before needing to check out. 

Being my last day in Paris, I was going to buy gifts for my family. Also fromage. 

I wandered FOREVER trying to find a place to get cheese, but I couldn't find one anywhere. So I settled for a plait a fromage instead. I know, it's typically a dessert thing, but I did not care. I got my cheese. 
Later I went back over to the area around the Notre Dame. Google maps told me there were a few places over there to buy books, so I went with it. (I was planning to buy books for my family. Cool books. I think books are a cool thing, especially foreign books.)

As I got off of the metro, I noticed a guy opening a green box with a padlock on it on the bridge. Inside of it were old vintage books. How cool! I look through, but didn't see any that I liked. Too bad. I wish there were more I thought... then I saw it.

If you've ever seen Midnight in Paris, there's a scene where Owen Wilson is passing by this area with all sorts of vintage things. Kind of like an outdoor market. Welp, I believe I had just found it. 
The green boxes went on as far as the eye could see, filled with old vintage posters, books, and other goodies. I was seriously overwhelmed.

After I covered a huge chunk of the area and bought some things, I wandered over to the more city area. Over here, I found people going into buildings with yellow tents outside the front of the store. Not knowing what it was, I took a closer look. It happened to be a bookstore that took over two different blocks! Wild.

Later I had some duck. I'd never had duck before, and it's quite French. Pretty delicious. I also went back to the Notre Dame and actually went inside this time. I'm glad I did, it's incredible in there. I felt a bit blasphemous taking pictures. (I still took pictures.

I took the Eurostar home (to London at least) and went back to my relative's flat. What a lovely trip.

I'm not going to say what I got for my mom, as she might be reading this soon, but I just want to say what I bought! For my dad, I bought him this old Scrooge Mcduck comicbook. Strange? Not really. My dad has this special collector's Scrooge Mcduck book, and it's a special thing to him (Probably just for value, but eh). I just think the old Scrooge Mcduck comic is a cool idea. If he doesn't like it, his loss.
I got my sister this awesome vintage Elle Magazine. There were so many cool old magazines, it was hard to choose! I think the one I got is neat.
Then... I went a little crazy with myself. Yes, I got things for myself. Can you blame me? One of the things featured at many of the areas were vintage fashion prints. Like 1900s prints and papers. I LOVE old fashion.  Still why History of Fashion was my favorite class. I was so ticked at myself in the museums when I couldn't remember the names of the articles of clothing in the paintings. 
So I originally was just going to get one. Then I saw a cool 1961 print (love those early 60s fashions). So I wanted that too. But then there was a deal for three prints...
Yes, I got three. I know. I'm still super excited about them all.

I didn't expect this one day to be so long! But it was. I will continue on my adventures tomorrow: Back in London!

For now, here are more pictures. 

Took this on my morning run. There are beautiful sights everywhere you go in Paris!

This bridge was near the market area. It's covered in padlocks that lovers lock there for "eternal love" or something like that. I'd heard of it before, but I still can't remember what it's called.

Inside Notre Dame

Near the Train station. Just cool lookin'.
I'm still giddy. (Okay, they're technically journals. Whateves.) 

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