Monday, October 1, 2012

Harry Potter, Open Air Museums, and Random

I know. I don't even have to say it. Ridiculous.

For the Harry Potter Friday, I'll let my video explanation do all of the talking.


Saturday was a lazy day for the most part, but I was also able to go on a run through Hyde Park. Can we just say gorgeous? It's amazing. I wish we had parks like that in Oregon.
Sunday, I was able to meet up with two other Oregonians I knew! They happen to be staying in England for awhile. We had lunch, we went to the British Museum, we hung out. It was nice. That night I was also able to Skype with my family for the first time since I've been here! Of course some event was going on, so it was a lot of loud noise at my cousins' house. Per usual. I was going to bitch my sis out a bit simply because she didn't tell me stuff. I had to learn important information from the people who are here in ENGLAND. What the hell sister? However, she had work.

Monday was dreary weather and ickyness in general. No one wanted to go outside, so we huddled in the center and chilled out. Tuesday was about the same chill level, but the weather was nicer. I did check out a bit of the Tate Modern, so that was interesting. I still have two levels to go in there.

Wednesday was very relaxed simply because one of my classes was cancelled. She had to take another group around somewhere, so I had no class until 2. I decided to use this opportunity to explore Camden Market! Give me a market, and I will be pleased.
Now, I've gotten to the point where I've probably bought myself enough things (some fashion journals in Paris, two dresses, a hat and a HP stein), but one thing I've always wanted has been a pocket watch. They're just so cool. Pocket watches are everywhere when it comes to markets, but originally I had been seeing them for about 15-20 pounds. The more markets I went to, the lower the price got. When I got to Camden, I found some for 10. I decided to haggle. I ended up taking four pounds off of it. Awesome!

Later that evening, I met with my relative to return his flat keys. You shall be missed, access to a flat in the city. Sigh. We ended up going to his gym (I snuck in as a guest), ate food and watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Nice.

Thursday was mostly a wandering around day, with a play in the evening. 'Twas a Spanish translated play called Yours for the Asking, and it was quite interesting. A bit odd when the characters talked about never going to London though... that's just me.

Friday was an excursion day! We went to the Fishbourne Roman Palace and the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. If you don't know what either of those are, well neither did I. The Roman Palace is exactly what it sounds like, but it has art from both Roman and English craftsmen. The mosaics are from 1st and 2nd centuries. CRAZY.
As for the Open Air Museum, it's a place where they bring old buildings from around England and rebuild them there. It's actually very neat. You see very Snow White style cottages. Mostly this made me glad I live in a day with electricity and heating. I love my heat. Then again, it was cold and wet when we went there, so of course I was thankful for normal heating when I got home.

So I'm almost there! We've got Saturday and Sunday to recap, but I'll write about those later. Only Saturday had anything interesting happen. For now, enjoy these pictures.

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